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Tiny (Age 3-6 years)

The youngest of our Dance Inc. Adelaide Competition groups. We use play and music to develop a basic understanding of dance class etiquette and basic dance movements. We scaffold their independence, problem solving and social capabilities along with emphasising healthy choices.

Mini (Age 6-9 years)

Within this age group, we harness the plentiful mix of boundless energy.. Learning to memorise concepts of body placement, principles of spatial awareness and rhythm Encouraging social relationships with their peers to scaffold their interest in dance and their overall dance  development.

Youth (Age 8-12 years)

This group begins to see dance as a collaborative process. They are encouraged to form trusting friendships within the team and begin to view dance class as a safe place to challenge themselves. We focus heavily on safe techniques regarding muscle development and flexibility.

Junior (Age 12-15 years)

One of our eldest dance groups are provided creative opportunities to express their emotions and thoughts through choreography. A partnership with health and fitness principles accompanies the Diamond classes.

Open (15+ years)

Our eldest dance groups are provided creative opportunities to express their emotions and thoughts through choreography. A way for open ages to express themselves creatively and freely in a safe environment.

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Ballet/Tap (Tiny/Early Childhood Development)

The Ballet/Tap was designed for children who have participated in early childhood development program previously and understand the teacher and student relationship. Ballet will be taught in a Fun and Friendly environment with the use of Ribbons, Hula Hoops, Wands and lots of imagination. Tap is lots of fun for the children to develop confidence and express themselves in a different style of dance. It is a lovely introduction to a more formal dance class in these genres and they work on a routine for each genre for the middle and end of year performances.

Ballet and Lyrical
Our Ballet and Lyrical classes begin to look further into the specific terminology used in this genre. It is suitable for children coming from the Ballet/Tap class as well as beginners and intermediate skill levels. Flexibility and technique are also a focus, ensuring each student is achieving this in a manner that is safe for their bodies and understanding the purpose behind warming-up and using proper technique when dancing. We use a variety of traditional as well as modern music. The level of difficulty and expectations increase the older the age group as well as experience within the dancing community. We explore both the classical and contemporary genre in this class, working towards a routine for each genre for the middle and end of year performances.


Tap, is the next step for those students coming from the Ballet/Jazz/Tap special class as well as for beginners to the wonderful rhythmic world of Tap. We focus on introducing and developing tap techniques and terminology, mixing steps with traditional and modern musical rhythms. We still incorporate various props into class work, aiming to extend hand-eye co-ordination, rhythmic movement and overall balance and confidence in a safe and supportive manner. We work towards two routines for the middle and end of year performances.

This can be a great follow on step from the early childhood development class. It is sure to follow the energetic rhythm and beats of the younger classes, using a variety of props to enhance balance, spatial awareness, hand-eye co-ordination and body control in a safe and fun atmosphere, using fresh, modern hits of the year. At Dance Inc, we like to support the emotional development of our students as well as the physical. We aim to build a sense of camaraderie in all of our classes, more so in the older groups when friendships and support plays a large role in their lives.


Hip Hop
In Hip Hop/Street dancing, we teach body movement and isolation for the Hip Hoppers to break it with lots of fun and fresh hip hop tunes. The class caters for a variety of ages and skill levels, with the aim to build a cohesive hip hop crew and group of friends. The students are always included in the development of skills and tricks learnt in class. The finality of all their hard work forms into two routines to be presented at the middle and end of year performances. We are hoping to engage in some workshops with local crews to further the interests of future b-boys and b-girls. Adding an extra element to their routines and dance development.

C.S.T.D Exams
Exams are a formal technique and terminology driven experience, set exercises and combinations outlined by the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (C.S.T.D). Dance Inc. currently offers classes for the Tap and Theatrical (Combination of Ballet, Tap and Modern/Jazz) examinations that take place in July & December of each year. A nationally acclaimed examiner heads the exam and provides constructive feedback and grading for each student, with the possibility of moving onto the next grade/level.


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