Recreation Teams


A fun and social introduction to Cheerleading. Our recreational teams do   not   participate   in competitions, only the Cheer show offs.  Students that join Dance Inc.  after March in that year may only join the recreational team, where they may be invited to then join a competition team.

State Teams


State: (teams available for ages 3+) These teams participate in Dance Inc.  cheerleading show-offs as well as three South Australian competitions.  Students must enrol prior to the 1st March in that year to secure a place, and are required to commit to the full year with their team.

National Teams

 Dance Inc.  National elite teams that are tryout-only teams.  These teams participate in Dance Inc. cheerleading show-offs, three South Australian competitions, and will compete at the AASCF National Championships. Students must be selected in the tryouts (held in December of each year) to join these teams. Additional details are available in the information package.

*Entry through tryout only*


Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, nationally, and even in South Australia. Cheerleading is a diverse sport that caters for everybody involved – it doesn’t matter whether you’re tall or short, if you’re 3 or 33 years old –  there is something wonderful that every member brings to their team.  Unlike other sports that favour one particular model of an ideal athlete, cheerleading welcomes everybody, and allows every student to bring their own diverse skills to the greater advantage of their team.  Dance Inc.  is a club that provides internationally qualified and incredibly passionate coaches to deliver to students training of a professional and caring standard. At Dance Inc. we aim to help each individual build on their abilities to help develop a skilled all-round athlete, but ultimately, to have fun, find their strengths, and their fundamental role in the team.   Cheerleaders at Dance Inc.  have the opportunity to participate in two different styles of routine in a season –a Cheer routine and a Pomp routine.


CHEER routine combines stunting (lifts and tosses), pyramids (linked or combined stunts), and tumbling (gymnastic elements such as cartwheels and walkovers) to create a 2.5-minute routine of fierce teamwork.


POM routine is a fast-paced dance routine, utilising pom poms for visual appeal paired with high-energy jazz-style choreography.


Students of cheerleading at Dance Inc. will be placed into a team with athletes of their age group. They can choose to partake in a pom/dance class, a cheer/tumble class, or both. Students will have opportunities to perform their routines in the Dance Inc. Mid and End of Year Show Offs, as well as having opportunities to compete.


Students are placed into teams according to their age. The age of your child for team placement is considered to be the age that they will be on the 31st December, 2019. For example, if your child is 11 years old on the 31st December, they will be in the Youth team. If, however, they will be 12 on the 31st December, they must be in the Senior team. Please ensure that you check this carefully at the time of Enrolment and if you are unsure, please ask our kind staff.



All competitive and elite cheer students will be required to own a set of the Dance Inc. club training uniform, which must be worn to every training. This includes a racer-back top OR crop top with shorts and a training bow. Boys have a loose singlet and shorts.  If you are new to Dance Inc a uniform is included in your membership.

Recreational students have the option of purchasing the above training wear or wearing clothing suitable to dance and move in, such as leggings or bike/dance shorts, with a tight fitting top (as loose clothing can be distracting and hazardous whilst tumbling). 


All students will have a team uniform for Show Offs & Competitions. This uniform is used for every Show Off & Competition and will get a lot of wear for its price. 

All Cheer students will require plain white, lace-up sneakers for class & white socks for competitions and performances. Students must wear the appropriate footwear to every training, 

All Pom/Dance students will require camel-coloured, leather split-sole jazz shoes (lace up or elastic) for competitions and performances. Students must wear the appropriate footwear to every training, and we allow a 5-week grace period from enrolment during which students may wear other footwear whilst they purchase their dance shoes.

Show Offs

The Dance Inc. Cheerleading program presents Mid-year and End of Year Show offs. All students in the cheerleading program will have the opportunity to participate in a laid-back and fun performance prior to the first competition of the year, and prior to Nationals at the end of the year, where they may perform their competition routines for family and friends, showcasing what they have learned in cheerleading. This performance will provide the opportunity for cheerleaders who do not wish to participate in competition with the opportunity to perform their routine, as well as building confidence in competing athletes by first performing their routines in front of a familiar crowd.


We may also invite the students to participate in special functions to showcase the Dance Inc. Cheerleaders e.g. Salisbury Christmas Pageant, special events, school fairs etc.